The dog days of linkspam

Hello friends! It’s been somewhat of a hectic, if glorious, summer for me. Lotsa dancing! But alas, not lots of blogging. Here are some things I’ve been thinking about, anyway:

  • “Ambassadors” of Lindy Hop. The ones who come and say hi, who remember random little things you mentioned the last time you danced together, the ones who seem to make an effort to draw people out and dance with the shy ones or the new ones. I try to do stuff like this (though sometimes, I admit, I’m too much in my own head). I really appreciate these ambassadors! I definitely remember when people do these things for me — particularly when I was new to socials, it could make the difference between me hiding most of the night (or leaving early) versus actually getting out there dancing and socializing.
  • #970: “Dance class and stranger-sweat” or “How to tell someone they are stinky: A review”. Captain Awkward offers great life advice in general (especially on setting boundaries — useful for dancers!); here’s one I think many of us can appreciate.
  • Help the helpers. If you’re doing the work to try to make dance spaces safer ones, this is a reminder to take care of yourself while doing so (and if you’re not doing the work, but would like to, especially men, the end of the post lists some ideas).
  • Learning and Celebrating the Other Role at The Switch Workshop. I’ve been doing a lot of switch dancing lately (including a super experience at a festival recently, which I might write about more if I can get off my duff to do it), so it’s great to see it popping up seemingly everywhere else too! (E.g. the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival — though I do wish they hadn’t hijacked the word “queer” from its LGBT+ setting.)
  • On Swing Dancing and Depression. There’s a lot I could say about this from my own experiences, and maybe I will someday. I know at least a few dancers here who have bravely mentioned this themselves — I like to boost the signal when people talk about this because stigma persists, and because isolation kills.

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